The court sent Dhunat BNP leader former chairman Mamun to jail

Dhunat (Bogra) Representative: OnusondhanNews
The court has sent Touhidul Alam Mamun, convener of Dhunat Upazila of Bogra, to jail in a case filed by the police on the charge of sabotage. He was sent to jail around 3 pm on Sunday (April 30).

Dhunot BNP leader Abul Manchur Pasha said that on December 8, 2022, the police filed a case against 58 people, including Dhunot Upazila BNP convener Touhidul Alam Mamun, on charges of sabotage for going to the central BNP rally in Dhaka.

Adv. Mahbubur Rahman said that when he appeared in court on Sunday and applied for bail, the judge rejected it and ordered Mamun to be sent to jail.